Strenght testers, kickers, boxers, speed & reflex.
Coin-op games.

High Quality

We place a strong importance on innovation and quality and had worked hard to raise the standard and safety levels in the industry of strength testing amusement machines.

Passive income

With little effort required to maintain our strength testers and reflex games, you can receive income on a regular basis, so your investment will return in couple of months!

Beautiful design

Every machine is designed to fit perfectly a specific location. Our devices look great in amusement parks, pubs, disco venues, family entertainment centers, arcade rooms, bowling alleys.


With our wide range of amusement machines, we are sure that you’ll find the one that fits best your location. Thanks to the diversity of our beautiful designs, our devices fit in locations intendent for adults as well as FECs and kids play rooms.

We are continuing to bring new product to market and are currently producing around one new title every two months. Every new title is made and customised to fit a specific location’s requirements.


To develop a deeper and more meaningful connection with players, we believe our machines must not only be great to play but also sound and look beautiful.


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Arcade Heroes

Published May 22. 2014

Kriss Sport Releases Catch The Light/Neuron Race For Arcades Worldwide

(…)As a head-to-head table it looks easy for kids or adults to play and it looks pretty cool in the dark. While the main focus for this will probably be redemption, they mention “ticket ready” which means not required, so a location could set it up for entertainment/competition-only if they so choose. Topped of with “8-bit retro music”, it’s a good package that also is pretty affordable.(…)

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Second story

Published Dec 11. 2008

Kriss-Sport iBoxer a life-sized iPhone

It’s human nature to caricature everything we like. Sometimes we make miniatures of our preferences, and at other times we just blow them out of proportion…and this is that one time! The Kriss-Sport iBoxer is a like a giant iPhone, more so because of the imitable styling and the pun on the Apple logo. In the original you have the bitten apple and here you have a chunk of the iBoxer vamooshed. iBoxer isn’t your regular club and disco amusement machine, its big on design and great on functionality.(…)

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