Neuron Race

Neuron Race amusement machine


Reflex and eye hand coordination game with design ready for locations like discos and pubs.


Neuron Race – Technical Specifications

Software settings and features

  • Volume
  • Game time
  • Difficulty levels
  • Credits settings
  • Ticket dispenser settings
  • Free-play mode
  • Restore default settings
  • Software updates available via SD card

Displays, Sound and Illumination

  • Red and blue LED scores and credits display
  • LED time displays and button backlight
  • RGB LEDs between body panels and inside corner safety covers
  • Two built-in 5,5’’ speakers
  • Internal amplifier
  • Chiptune ingame music


  • Wide range of supported acceptors
  • Works with all kind of bills, coins and tokens
  • Works with both coin- and bill- acceptor at the same time
  • 1000 coin capacity moneybox

Body and Glass

  • Each corner covered with soft plastic safety cover
  • Beautiful lid design looks great in both high and low light conditions
  • Lid made from single piece of 6mm / 1/4’’ thick tempered safety glass
  • Body made of powder coated steel
  • Two safety locks

Optional Equipment and Extensions

  • Bill-acceptor
  • Two ticket dispensers
  • 6 meter long power cord
  • Shorter legs

Electrical and Operating Details

  • Wide range of supported voltage (90V – 240V)
  • Low power consumption (22W on average, 30W peak)
  • Average power consumption
  • 3 meter long power cord
  • Only LED light sources ensure low power consumption

Size and Weight

  • Width: 127cm / 50’’
  • Depth: 79cm / 31’’
  • Height: 87cm / 34’’
  • Weight: 78kg / 155lbs

Standard Shipping Details

  • Width: 128cm / 50’’
  • Depth: 80cm / 32’’
  • Height: 43cm / 17’’
  • Weight: 82kg
  • Legs are detachable


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Rybnicka Street, No. 34
Żory (44240), Poland
YouTube channel


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