Łukasz Bohosiewicz

Head office sales manager

phone: +48 50 17 45 222
skype: lukasz_bohosiewicz

Technical Support

Technical support officer

Kriss-Sport – Amusement Machines Producer
Rybnicka Street No. 34
Żory (ZIP: 44240), POLAND

fax: +48 32 43 42 328

About us

Kriss-Sport company has been involved in the coin-op amusement industry for years, supplying the international market place with various high quality strength testers in form of boxer, kicker, SWP and reflex machines.

We place strong importance on innovation and quality and had worked hard to raise the standard and safety levels of strength testing machines in the industry. We continue to introduce new features into our machines, including LCD monitors, which turn simple video machines into interactive video games allowing players to choose from a selection of games, lotteries and prizes. LCD monitors have a dual benefit in that they can also be used for advertising purposes when in stand-by mode, bringing in double income opportunities for operations and location owners.

One of the most recent trends in the strength testing sectors has been the move towards ticket redemption. This added feature works particularly well on machines operated in FEC style locations but is equally beneficial to machines where amusement is the focus.

In the past, strength testers performed best in amusement park style locations but we predicted the shift in the market and they are now proving popular in pub style locations as well as arcade rooms, bowling alleys, FECs and even disco venues.

Looking ahead, Kriss-Sport will continue to add many features to the games in order to bring even more excitement.

We are looking for amusement machines distributors! Contact us!

We are looking for distributors! Contact us!

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Rybnicka Street, No. 34
Żory (44240), Poland
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